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Georgia; Kutaisi, Sep. 21, 2003
The church at Gelati monastery.
© 2003 Peter Williams.

Georgia; Tbilisi, Sep. 24, 2003
Youth in city centre
© 2003 Peter Williams.

Georgian orthodox church, Tblisi

Kazbegi Monastery

Kazbegi Monastery

vardzia city in the rock

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                                                                                               Government’s Export Promotion Policy

Foreign Trade Regimes. Reforms carried out in recent years in Georgia, including serious legal reforms, are working successfully to create a favourable foreign trade regime in the country. Since 1995 the following major reforms have taken place in Georgian legislation: READ MORE  >>>>>

There were many works published In Georgia , in which the authours tried to explain the manuscript of Ioane-Zosime - “Praise and Glorofication of the Georgian language.” If we judge according to the contents of this text, full of esoteric wisdom, the monk, Ioane-Zosime is its last screbe, nobody cnows. Much is said even by the title of the text “praise and glorification of the Georgia language”; but why? What duty can be put on to the Georgian language that made Ioane-Zosime call out from the 10th century:- Georgians, glory to the language of Lazarus. What does it mean? What was put into the Georgian language and by whom? And if anything was put into it when was it done? READ MORE  >>>>>

         Georgian writing was first seen in the 7th century B.C. The first examples include inscriptions in the Georgian monastery of the Holy Cross in Palestine, in the Bethlehem desert (Bir-ell-Katt), as well as those in the Sioni Church of Bolnisi, south of Tbilisi. The source of the Georgian script is a controversial problem. read more>>>>>

26 Sept. 1991: WCC general secretary Emilio Castro writes to Patriarch Ilia following the declaration of Georgian independence, urging all political parties to refrain from violence.

9 Jan. 1992: Following a telex received from Patriarch Ilia, the WCC general secretary writes to support efforts of Georgian Orthodox Church to support political dialogue and prevent civil conflict.

9 Oct. 1992: The WCC general secretary expresses concern and sympathy of the WCC in response to the worsening civil conflict in Georgia.

9-16 Jan. 1993: WCC and CEC joint study visit to Georgia. Extensive meetings with representatives of the churches and government authorities. The ecumenical delegation expresses concern about the declining socioeconomic conditions in the country, and the ongoing conflicts.

30 Sept. 1993: The incoming WCC general secretary Konrad Raiser expresses the solidarity of WCC with the victims of the conflict in the separatist region of Abkhazia, and shares his prayer for a restoration of peace and justice in the country.

1992-1998 WCC works with GOC and other churches in response to the conflicts and subsequent major humanitarian and social crises in the country. Several major emergency programmes are implemented by WCC and subsequently by WCC’s emergency office ACT International. Particular efforts are focused on the development of the Georgian Orthodox charitable organization ‘Lazarus’.


     Popularization and marketing positive tourist image country, provision, safety of the variety of the tourist product, preparing the competent personnel and development of the infrastructure - such a consisting of five main priorities problem, requiring the most quick decision that development of the tourism became real possible. The Unique natural wealth GEORGIA - a climate, mineral and medical water, sea, mountains, wood and yard - a potential, which will allow the country at the most short periods to realize serious economic advancement. Full-fledged use of this potential in good of the country is reflected in "National concept of the tourism GEORGIA" and her(its) program action, which consideration took place the July 26 beside President GEORGIA Eduarda SHevardnadze. The Concept is designed on the grounds of joint studies georgian and foreign expert. In her(its) comprehension important role have played the recommendations to Worldwide tourist organization and organized in 1998 in Tbilisi Worldwide forum "Tourism on Great Silk ways". In her are thoroughly analysed, on the one hand, promoting development of the tourism factors, with other - his(its) possible share in development of the economy of the country. What has declared the chairman of the State department on tourism and resort load;embark;stevedore Vazha SHubladze, this branch at the beginning initially HHI age can play the solving role in development of the country, increasing her(its) international image. Established on today in the world real picture confirms that tourism as economic phenomenon has firmly occupied the first place. For 49 countries of the world he presents the main source of the exchange arrivals. On factor past year, in the world is fixed 715 million tourist. To 2020 this number, on prediction factor, will reach one-and-half-adress computer milliard. That occurs in this time in GEORGIA? On information of the chairman of the department, since 1995 in four times increased the number arrived in load;embark;stevedore tourist that, itself, very good phenomena. Bad only that this number could be double more if not above named preventing factors. On denoted specially this massive problem counsel to leaders all corresponding to services, ministry and department agreed that tourism uniquely follows to declare the priority branch and GovernmentGEORGIA must realize all necessary actions on his(its) development. This has required first of all and President GEORGIA. He has declared: "it is Necessary to acknowledge development of the tourism - one of the main priority. This that branch, which quicker other will give the results and will contribute the serious contribution to adjusting the problem to employment. Nor one other branch can so quickly solve this problem".

     On statement Eduarda SHevardnadze, the work has significant importance with population and his(its) information about that, with than is bound development of the tourism and what this process in GEORGIA occurs. "If country will not turn out to be to be ready to tourism, what buildings and palace we nor built, this branch will not be able to develop. Our people must know that each tourist presents the additional incom, worker place and so on", - has noted the chapter of the country and has recalled the incident, connected with japanese tourist in Svaneti. On his(its) estimation, this disgraceful fact for two-three years has delayed the development to this branches in edge, like which it is difficult to find in the whole Europe. In the opinion of President GEORGIA, it is necessary to begin general consideration to concepts. The Regions, services must develop the program, what follows to work at places in this direction that necessary to do for conservation and savings monument cultures, because exactly cultural heritage - one of the main of the conditions of the development of the tourism in GEORGIA.

     One of claiming attention factor of attraction tourist in country - a medical resorts GEORGIA, unique possibilities which earlier were known in SOVIET UNIONS, but presently, in the opinion of President GEORGIA, about them must hear whole world.

     The President GEORGIA has ed the prospects of the development of the tourism in GEORGIA and with process of the rebirth "Great Silk way" and has noted that there is possibility beside GEORGIA to occupy the central place on South Caucasus and in Central Asia with standpoint of the development of the tourism in region.

     " GEORGIA - unique Country. In one small country such complex - a mountains, sea, culture and so on - an unique phenomena. There was crime before our future generations not to use this", - has emphasized Eduard SHevardnadze and has noted that advisable to lead educational functioning to this subjects and amongst children of the school age.

     On counsel was solved that in concepts will find the reflection clearly expressed considerations and with their account will is prepared final variant corresponding to edict of the President GEORGIA.


Currency: Lari (GEL) put into circulation in Конструктор сайтов - uCoz